Upgrade your design system.

With our Design System Diagnostic, you get a roadmap and expert recommendations on how to launch more consistent product faster, streamline the creation process for teams, and address higher order business problems.

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  • What you’ll spend

    The price for the Design System Diagnostic is $20k, which gets you a 3-month, prioritized roadmap, tailored to your organization’s needs. If you manage multiple digital customer-facing products, this is probably in-line with the cost of important upkeep.

    Want more ways to justify the price? Purchase this diagnostic if it’s as valuable to you as:

    • 1-2 months of work from a full-time team member
    • A sign-on bonus for a new employee
    • A freelancer for a month
    • An annual enterprise software license for a large team
    • A Toyota Corolla
  • What you’ll get

    • An objective numerical score for your design system, benchmarked against other public and private design systems
    • A 3-month prioritized roadmap of design system improvements in Gantt chart form
    • Best-practice recommendations, tailored to your company and team
    • Two consulting calls: a diagnostic kickoff meeting and a recommendations review

How the best design systems out there stack up

Lightning Design System score

Lightning Design System

Material Design score

Material Design

Shopify's Polaris score

Shopify’s Polaris

Our scoring criteria

  • Organizational Involvement

    How much buy-in do you have across the company?

  • Assets & Tooling

    Do you have the right tools and configurations to be successful?

  • Design Language

    What balance of standardization, flexibility, and customizability is built into the visual vocabulary.

  • Code Architecture

    How systems-minded is the code for the design system?

  • Team Workflow

    Are your teams and processes set up to reap the most benefits from having a design system?

  • Product Implementation

    How well does your design system power user-facing products?

  • Campaigning

    How well are you constantly and consistently selling your design system and its benefits internally?

  • Maintenance & Governance

    Are you treating your design system like a fully-fledged product?

We didn’t know what to expect when starting this journey, but SuperFriendly partnered closely with our team and stakeholders to uncover new opportunities to innovate on our fledgling system

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Gina Charalambides

Director, Experience Design & Design Thinking—Pfizer

SuperFriendly specializes in design systems.

Over the years, our SuperFriends have worked, consulted and advised on hundreds of different design systems. We bring a broad range of perspectives and setups we’ve observed to complement your team’s depth of knowledge.

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The Design System Diagnostic helps design directors by identifying better and smarter tools and workflows.

Product Owners

The Design System Diagnostic helps product owners by giving you an actionable prioritized roadmap for improvement.


The Design System Diagnostic helps engineering managers by assessing technical risk and opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

There are two parts to the Design System Diagnostic.

  1. We’ll ask you to give us access to as much of your design system’s assets as you can so we can take a peek under the hood to see what’s happening. Typically, this includes code repositories in places like Github or Bitbucket and design files made with tools like Sketch or Figma, but each organization has its own setup, and that context is helpful for our evaluation.
  2. While we’re doing our under-the-hood assessment, we’ll ask your team to fill out a survey that helps us understand more about the organization and your workflow than we can infer from just looking through assets.

Who is required to participate from our team?

The best design systems serve engineering, design, and product equally, so we request having representation from each of those three disciplines as participants.

How much time will this require of our team?

The survey is around 20 questions and should take no more than 30 minutes for your team to discuss and answer. Outside of that, we’ll ask for an hour of your time to review our findings and have some time for discussion.

Why is the price so high?

When created and managed well, a great design system has the potential to completely change how an organization works. It enables you to create more consistent products for your customers, streamlines the creation process for your teams, and frees you up to address higher order business problems. Our goal is to work with organizations where the return for keeping your design system in top shape is much greater than the investment.

Why is the price so low?

A diagnostic can help by telling you what to do and how to do it. The more important part is actually doing that work, and that’s the part you and your team play. We tried to design this service so that it’s fast to use and immediately actionable so you can get straight to the real work of making better products for your users.

How quickly do I get results?

After you get us all the assets we need, typical turnaround time is two weeks.

Upgrade your design system.